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Choose Security Guards that Wear the Twin City Security Badge

Security BadgeThe Twin City Security (TCS) badge represents quality for Dallas and Fort Worth security guards. The Dallas / Fort Worth area is home to the Dallas Cowboys, museums, colleges and the iconic Reunion Tower. Residents enjoy the many amenities of the area but are increasingly aware of the need for security. Visitors to public spaces expect vigilant security guards keeping people safe and peaceful.

Types of Security Guards

Every TCS-Dallas security guard gets rigorous training in general security duties such as:

  • Patrolling

  • Professional ethics

  • Civilian law enforcement

  • Communication

  • Technology

  • Emergency response

  • Deterring crime

  • And more

After guards pass the TCS-Dallas screening process, we evaluate them to decide which type of security detail is the best fit. We classify each guard as a Level 1 guard, a Level 2 guard or a Level 3 guard for further training. Most guards start as a Level 1 and receive promotions as they gain skills and experience. As guards receive promotions to higher levels, they also receive training for additional duties. Every guard will be highly qualified for the duties expected at their assigned location.


Level 1 security guards are considered watchmen. They control access, provide visible deterrents and offer basic public assistance. Examples of Dallas and Fort Worth facilities using a Level 1 security guard include:

  • Economy hotels and motels

  • Warehouses

  • Construction sites

  • Trucking terminals

  • Industrial facilities

  • Residential communities

Public Relations Officer

Level 2 officers are capable of extensive public contact and understand technical environments. They have the flexibility and training to respond to a wide variety of circumstances. Some of the facilities in Dallas and Fort Worth using a level 2 security guard include:

  • Luxury residential communities and HOAs

  • High-end hotels

  • Airports

  • Malls

  • Schools

  • Government facilities and installations

  • Office buildings

  • Stores

Advanced Officer

Advanced officers can be armed or unarmed. They have mastered sophisticated technical skills to recognize unusual patterns of behavior. If your industry is prone to burglary, corporate espionage, large crowds or hazardous materials, we recommend an advanced officer. Some of the facilities in Dallas and Fort Worth using a Level 3 security guard include:

  • Industrial facilities

  • Sensitive government facilities and installations

  • Pharmacies

  • Hospitals and nursing homes

  • Special events

Security Guards are Part of a Team

Providing Dallas clients with effective security solutions goes beyond hiring and training expert security guards. Our management team, which includes operations managers, field supervisors and site supervisors, regularly evaluates and reports on the quality and consistency of our services to you. We aim to address all potential issues proactively. If you do encounter a problem, simply call our 24-hour command center. In addition, our Client-Relations Team regularly asks our clients for constructive feedback to continuously improve our service. The owner and general manager answer to you, the client, above all else.

Find the Right Security Solutions

If you aren’t sure what level of security guard you need, we’ll employ our years of experience to help you find the right security solutions. Our goal is to offer top quality and cost-effective security to Dallas clients.

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