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Keep Your Dallas Construction Site Safe with Twin City Security

Construction SecurityConstruction sites are a goldmine for thieves. Oftentimes, the site becomes unsecured after hours. Also, with delivery and subcontractor traffic, it can be hard to determine if an individual is an authorized part of the crew or an intruder. For Dallas construction sites, quality security is critical to keep property, materials, equipment and people safe.

Not only do construction sites experience theft, but vandalism and trespassing also occur. Unfortunately, all these activities can cause major damages and losses for management. Additionally, unauthorized people at the construction site pose a significant safety hazard. If unauthorized individuals become injured, even when trespassing, management can be held responsible. Don’t lose time or money on your unsecure construction site!

Dallas Residential and Commercial Construction Site Security

Twin City Security in Dallas (TCS-Dallas) is locally owned and managed, with construction security service experience in the local area. We understand the risks and hazards often experienced at both residential and commercial Dallas construction sites. Invest in smart security protocols to greatly decrease theft and trespassing losses at your Dallas construction sites.

Our experience spans all types and sizes of construction projects, making us an industry leader in construction security. From urban commercial sites to suburban residential construction, we have a security solution for you. With four decades in the private security business, our knowledge and experience position us to handle any security or safety issue with our construction security services.

Customized Construction Security Services

We’ve found that customized security solutions produce the best results for safety. At TCS-Dallas, we work in partnership with management to design and implement your individual security solution.

Construction Security Services include but are not limited to:

  • Regular or irregular patrols, interior and/or exterior
  • Controlled access (via badges or IDs, oversight of entrances/exits)
  • Emergency response (fire or other emergencies)
  • Loss prevention plans

For most commercial construction sites, controlled access is key to managing the flow of individuals on the property. Also, a quick response to fires and other emergencies help prevent major losses.

For residential construction, especially in new housing developments, regular patrols help reduce the occurrence of theft and trespassing. Even curious neighbors shouldn’t roam an open construction site. Our skilled and trained security officers communicate effectively and respectfully.

Avoid Trespassing, Vandalism and Theft with Construction Security

Trespassing and vandalism are common problems for construction site management. However, construction sites are unsafe for unauthorized individuals and pose a huge risk for injury. Monitor your property and unauthorized visitors with a proven construction security strategy.

Construction site theft is a major source of lost revenue for management. With costly equipment and valuable materials often left unsecure, construction sites are easy targets for thieves. At TCS-Dallas, we have the industry knowledge and experience to implement the best security solutions. Our approach includes both technology and personnel for maximum deterrence while keeping your budget in mind.

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At TCS-Dallas, we have the knowledge and skill to keep your construction site safe and secure. Our excellent reputation is backed by our high standards for training, performance and customer service. Let our quality and experience work for you!

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