Concierge Doorman Security – Dallas

A Doorman Provides Security and a Helping Hand

Doorman SecurityLiving and working in Dallas is exciting. The city hums with activity and opportunity. But problems do occur. Places with a high volume of visitors, residents and employees must take extra security precautions to keep people safe. Often these places also need someone to assist the public with information and general courtesies. A doorman is the perfect solution. A doorman is a security guard with training in public relations and public safety. At TCS-Dallas, doormen are part of our concierge security service. Concierge security works well for places like:

  • Commercial Office Buildings

  • Government Buildings
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Shopping Centers and Retail Stores
  • 4 and 5 Star Hotels
  • Luxury Apartment Buildings and HOAs

Doorman Duties

Dangerous situations like fires, robberies and fights easily escalate to catastrophic proportions when they occur in a crowd. A concierge security guard minimizes the likelihood of dangerous situations and deter violence. If a problem does arise, the doorman’s immediate response keeps people safe and restores calm. The safety and security duties of a doorman might include:

  • Staying vigilant for any unusual activity
  • Patrolling interior and exterior of facility
  • Monitoring CCTV
  • Checking IDs
  • Inspecting personal items
  • Inspecting alarms and emergency equipment
  • Locking entrances and exits
  • Calling for emergency services when necessary
  • Gatekeeping duties
  • Enforcing rules

  • Creating emergency plans for evacuation and loss prevention

While the safety and security duties are the primary responsibility of a doorman, they are also available to help the public. The public relations duties of doorman often include:

  • Opening the door for visitors and residents
  • Greeting people entering and exiting the establishment
  • Assisting elderly and disabled persons when needed
  • Providing helpful information
  • Escorting people to cars

TCS-Dallas Works with your Team

Twin City Security concierge officers spend most of their day at your facility. We work with your management team to help the doorman fit into your company culture, value your priorities and relate well to people in the building. They will attend your facility meetings and write reports to streamline communication about security concerns.

TCS-Dallas Uniforms

All uniforms will have the coveted TCS-Dallas badge, will fit well and be clean. You choose the uniform style that best suits the public image you want to convey. The typical doorman uniform includes:

  • Blue blazer

  • Dress shirt (white or light blue)

  • Tie

  • Slacks (grey or beige)

  • Black belt and shoes

  • Navy blue parka in cold weather

The “hard” look is also available.

  • Brown pants, brown shirt, tie, matching shoes and belt in black or brown

  • Matching windbreaker for cold weather

  • Matching jacket for cold weather

Every TCS-Dallas Doorman has Backup Support

Even if you just need one doorman, contracting with TCS-Dallas makes sense. Our officers have the backup support from managers, field supervisors and the 24-hour command center. If you already employ a doorman, hire us to get support for covering illnesses, lunch breaks and training.

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