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Twin City Security Protects People and Assets in Dallas and Fort Worth

At Twin City Security in Dallas (TCS-Dallas), we provide skilled private security services to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area. Some of our clients just need extra security support for a single event. Others require a private security company for around the clock, 365 days a year protection. Whatever your needs, TCS-Dallas is the best way to protect your assets and people.

As the most trusted Dallas security company, we earned our reputation by delivering security solutions to the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1990. Our clients appreciate the highly personalized service and experience from one of only the locally owned and managed security companies in Dallas. Superior security comes primarily from highly qualified and trained security guards. Our expert staff takes their job of protecting you very seriously.

Choose TCS-Dallas because we:

  • Reduce the likelihood of emergencies using time tested safety protocols.

  • Have a proven track record for customer satisfaction.

  • Have the best, most professional security guards in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metro area.

  • Vigorously train every guard to proactively recognize potential threats and significantly reduce the likelihood of the threat turning into a reality.

  • Abide by the highest ethical standards in the industry giving you peace of mind.

  • Customize the security guard duties to match your facility needs to optimize your budget.

  • Communicate authoritatively and respectfully when interacting with the public to deter unruly behavior.

  • Look professional and dress using a clean uniform at all times to uphold your company brand image.

  • Support our on-site officers with technology and surveillance tools to aid in your protection.

Many Security Options Available

You can choose from a wide variety of security solutions to fit your budget, time frame, and potential risks. Our clients tell us that the ability to customize their security package saves them money and gets them first rate protection. Typically a site will fall into one of these 4 categories:

  1. Marked Vehicle Patrol

  2. Armed Guards

  3. Unarmed Guards

  4. Public Relations Officers

Risk Assessment

Facility managers and business owners often struggle to determine what security challenges present the biggest risks. You know that you can't afford to have your business interrupted, but figuring out the most cost effective deterrents and procedures takes an expert in the security field. We don't just look at the human threats either. We also help evaluate for fire safety and hazardous materials. If your facility is in the Dallas / Fort Worth area we are happy to provide a free assessment. We will come out to your site and look at your facility and analyze your greatest risks. There is no obligation on your part.

Fort Worth and Dallas are connected by more than just the I-30 and the DFW International Airport. The two cities are a vibrant economic hub for a growing economy and a bustling population of over 3 million. Prosperity and growth come with a special set of business challenges. As small and medium-sized businesses increase in value and personnel, they increasingly discover the need for contracting with a private security company.

Using the assessment and our knowledge of the Dallas and Fort Worth area, our experts will plan security solutions tailored to your site and industry and budget.

Call today to schedule your free assessment.

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