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Twin City Security in Dallas Exceeds Client Expectations for Armed Security Guards

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At Twin City Security in Dallas (TCS-Dallas) we take safety and security seriously. Our clients show their employees and patrons that their safety is a high priority.

An armed security guard has many duties in common with a law enforcement officer. Contracting with the cheapest security company in Dallas for an armed guard could be a costly mistake. We have the highest standards for recruitment, training and oversight to ensure our guards are fully prepared to handle many types emergency situations.

Armed Security Guards Understand High Risk Businesses

Armed security guards are more than just a deterrent to opportunistic property crimes. They are prepared to use force to guard people from violent and criminal behavior. Businesses needing armed security guards often have one of these five risk factors:

  1. Open late – Most crimes happen under the cover of darkness.
  2. Valuable assets – Someone wanting to make a quick buck will rob valuables to sell on the street. Copper, jewelry, electronics and prescription medications all have a high street value.
  3. Cash transactions – Even small amounts of cash looks very tempting to someone looking to get their next fix. Even with only a small amount of cash stolen, the victims suffer from psychological distress.
  4. Selling a controlled substance – If people cannot legally obtain what they want, they may try to burglarize a store. Pharmacies are at high risk to become the target of a robbery.
  5. Located in a neighborhood with a high crime rate or gang problem – You don’t want your business to become known as an easy target.

If you operate a business with one or more of these risk factors, consider investing in an armed guard from TCS-Dallas.

Armed Security Guards Watch Out for Event Participants

Certain Dallas events have a higher risk for fights and other types of violence. Events needing armed security guards often have one of these two risk factors:

  1. Serving alcohol or people bring their own drugs – When inhibitions are lowered and perceptions altered, violence is more likely.
  2. An emotionally charged crowd – The shooting at the art show in Garland is an example of violence at an emotionally charged event.

TCS-Dallas armed security guards are highly trained in securing innocent bystanders when tempers flare. The presence of armed security guards deters some fights and provocations. When fighting does occur, a TCS-Dallas armed security guard knows how to use force to break it up. TCS-Dallas does not use any more force than necessary to control the situation.

Armed Security Guards Deter Irrational Workplace Behavior

Only in rare circumstances would a Dallas corporation need an armed guard at their offices. Offices with these two risk factors should consider contracting with TCS-Dallas for armed security guards:

  1. The business deals with highly sensitive information.
  2. Stress levels are high from things like layoffs, corporate restructuring, firings or harassment.

Armed Security Guards from TCS-Dallas Help People in Volatile Situations

The TCS-Dallas training program exceeds Texas requirements for licensed armed security guards. When you need the peace of mind provided from an armed security guard, don’t settle for anyone without the TCS-Dallas badge.

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