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Reduce Your Property’s Risk from Fire

Fire Watch Service Dallas

Twin City Security in Dallas (TCS-Dallas) provides fire watch services for the Dallas metro area. We are locally owned and managed, which means we understand the specific risks inherent to the Dallas area. We’re prepared to monitor your business or property to reduce the risk of fire and damage from fire.

Fire safety is critical for commercial operations due to the potential loss of lives, assets and property damage. In fact, fire inspections are a part of most local processes. If an inspection results in fire system failure or malfunction, local governments often require on-site fire watch services. This means your business could face fines or shutdown until a fire watch solution is in place.

Don’t get caught off guard. TCS-Dallas provides trained fire watch professionals that we deploy at a moment’s notice to avoid costly downtime for your business. We offer emergency, short-term and long-term contracts to keep your facility safe and running smoothly.

Highly Trained and Experienced in Fire Watch Protocol

Our highly trained and experienced fire watch guards provide assurance that you’re in full compliance with the law. Because we’re local, we understand the local codes, laws and requirements for fire safety. We provide fire watch services to businesses, hotels, government facilities, multifamily housing, senior facilities, schools and more.

At TCS-Dallas, we train our guards to look for the hazards in specific types of clients based on your individual security protocol. We equip our team of guards to react to any sign of potential danger. In the event of fire, our systems ensure early warning and rapid mobilization to prevent or minimize damage.

Our fire watch guards meet all state requirements established by the fire marshal. They have specialized training, not only in fire safety, but also in the fire safety equipment and evacuation processes unique to your location. Our customized approach offers the highest level of security and customer service.

Does Your Property Need Emergency Fire Watch Service?

We offer customized, round-the-clock fire watch services to secure your property and personnel. Not all properties require fire watch services; however, for some facilities, fire watch is crucial to safe operations.

If your property or facility matches one of these criteria, contact TCS-Dallas to discuss fire watch services.

  • Inoperative or malfunctioning alarm system
  • Malfunctioning fire sprinklers

  • Power loss

  • Water supply shutdown

  • Presence of toxic or flammable materials

  • Failed inspection of your property

Our fire watch services include regular property patrol that usually occur at 30 to 60-minute intervals. The frequency is based on the local fire code and your specific risk level.

Invest in Fire Watch Services for Your Dallas Property

Take a step to secure your facility or property in partnership with TCS-Dallas. We’re committed to customer service and the highest level of operational standards to keep your property safe and minimize your fire risks.

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