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Security Guard Company - Dallas

Twin City Security - A Trusted Security Guard Company in Dallas

Back in 1974, the first Twin City Security opened their doors. They developed a winning business model, based on flexible client contracts and superior security guard training. This earned TCS a reputation for excellence. The owners wanted to share their formula for success. But they knew the best security guard companies are locally owned and managed because each city has unique characteristics.

The TCS name, business model, and training guidelines in Dallas follows that model but it is owned and managed locally. The Dallas/Ft. Worth TCS has been successfully protecting clients since 1990. In these many years of working in Dallas, we have built a strong foundation as experts in the local area.

We Built Our Reputation on Relationships

When it comes to the security business, trust is the most valuable asset. We protect the trust of the community like a jewelry story guards its jewels. Clients trust the TCS-Dallas badge to mean protection, value, and service. Guards trust the TCS-Dallas badge to mean they have the training and the support to do their job well. Criminals trust the badge to mean a vigilant guard is watching. Clients and guards actively seek out relationships with us and criminals actively avoid us. That suits us just fine!

Being Local Gives Us Flexibility and Authority

National companies do not foster the same level of ties to the community and personal touches that TCS-Dallas does. We understand the Dallas marketplace. Our proven track record and high level of customer satisfaction are testaments to our commitment for excellence. We know that even one unhappy client can jeopardize our reputation. Beyond providing stellar protection, we satisfy clients by tailoring each contract to meet client needs. Here are a few ways our Dallas and Fort Worth clients have customized their security solutions:

  • Choosing the uniform style to reflect the company image.

  • Using a variety of technology solutions, like CCTV, for extra support.

  • Deciding the essential duties of the guard, based on our recommendations.

  • Asking TCS to hire existing security guards when transitioning from their in-house security to contract security.

  • Adding insurance coverage for unique situations, above the standard insurance coverage TCS always carries.

  • Deciding what reports should be generated and how frequently they are required to be written.

  • Including a daily checklists as a communication and accountability tool.

  • Deciding the level of assistance a guard should offer to people, such as escorting employees after hours, opening the door for people, answering questions and other helpful actions outside the scope of protection.

  • How involved the guard should be in emergency planning and alarm systems

Give Us the Chance to Prove we are the Best Security Guard Company in Dallas

We want to give you the opportunity to talk with our clients, get a free security assessment and discuss your needs.

Please contact us now to see how we can earn your trust.